Touch Screen Tablet Browsing

Touch has become the the leading new way to control or online experience. We have it most new smart-phones, tablets and netbooks.

Most of those have purpose built software. But what if you are running a conventional PC with a touchscreen?

At first it seems you are bit stuck… with trying to catch that small scroll bar with your fat fingers. It’s obviously possible to have a good aim when concentrating… The question is do you really want to concentrate on the scroll bar when reading a news article?

Although poorly advertised the 2 browsers I use every day do support it. And those are of course Opera and Firefox. As a small side-step ramble, Chrome is nice, but Google is dominating my web experience already – that would be too much and IE is out of the question because it has been historically lagging on ALL of the sensible browser features.

Onto the technical bit. How would you enable the most basic, yet useful feature for dragging your screen with a mouse? Aiming at something PDF/PS viewers have been doing since their creation.

In Firefox you can use Grab and Drag add-on.

In Opera you should drag a new button Text Selection On from deep in the Appearance (Shift + F12) > Buttons > Browser View. Would have never found it if not for this post.

A there you go. Now you can stick your finger anywhere on the screen and drag it anywhere you like :)