Land of Narcissi, Tranquility and Sea

As it often happens in England the weather had decided to be indecisive right from the morning: some clouds, some wind and some sun. Us, humans were left with our theories whether it would rain or it would shine. BBC Weather had no real idea on this matter as they have changed the forecast throughout the previous week from shiny sunlight to gloomy raining and back.

This Sunday we have planned to visit the Isle of Wight, in particular Alum Bay on its west coast. Not too ambitious – we wanted to enjoy ourselves, not record a new personal high score on the amount of places visited in a day.

Alum Bay is famous because it was involved into an experiment of Guglielmo Marconi. It just happened to be the place, from where he transmitted a first radio signal to an hotel some away 20 miles.

This of course had a huge impact on the world as well all use wireless communications all the time now. However alone it is not a good enough reason to get a ferry and get a 2 hour bus ride. If you were to read about the history of wireless networks and come across the experiment of Guglielmo Marconi you would inevitably see a photograph of Alum Bay – a tall steep cliff meeting the sea. For people like me that picture is a good enough reason to travel.

The island itself is very beautiful and green. As a matter of fact green is the dominating colour on the island, no wonder that buses and other objects on the road would go green where possible. And on the thick green carpet of grass one would often spot hares running wild and free. Although nice, hares are not as surprising as the selection of flowers on this island. Every pitch of grass however small would contain at least a few yellow narcissus (lent lily). They blossom just at this time, so all the numerous pathes of grass on the island would have a yellow highlight to them. Sometimes there would be more narcissi than grass itself.

But the hares, the pretty houses with curved rooftops, narcissi and other wonders of this island matter only before one sets eye on the Alum Bay and the sea. Once you step on the cliff or come down to the beach you enter a completely different world – time stops, sounds are different, light is different. Everything is not the same. You feel that the thoughts and troubles you had before you entered this world are completely irrelevant and you somehow forget about them really quickly. One thing you can see and comprehend is the sea, the wind and the sun. Luckily we did not have to comprehend the rain as well – it was nice and sunny during our visit to the foreign world of Alum Bay.

I don’t know how long we have stayed there, but the day just passed by without us noticing, I guess time really does run different there. But it is a small price to pay for the view of the freedom and power of the sea and the magnificence of the cliff.


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