Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007 part 2 – flight

Follow up to Christmas 2007 part 1 – airport

Yes, the airport was a nightmare as it usually comes with airports. And no one really likes airports. But flights… Those are completely different.

When we just took off, I noticed that the view was really clear – no clouds or fog or any other obstructions much too common in england. I was lucky enough to get a seat with a window – after all that waiting at the airport, I thought it was worth it. And that was the first time I have ever seen London from a plane at night. It was spectacular.

It all started with some mist near the horizon and there I saw red flames…

It was not a fire, but rather islands of lighted areas. But they were so far away that one could only image their shape and size it was like an ambient red light in the fog. As we got closer to those lit areas my mind started racing through images I have seen in movies or read in books anything from huge fires to something like Mordor – lands of fire and dark went through my mind first really fast and then slowing down.

Those images kept changing in my mind and as the plane went further, I realised that the list areas came closer and became burning islands in a sea of darkness. We came even closer and they changed to fire-red clouds over on the night sky. And then we came so close that one could see the separate street lights – such complexity and tiny detail, it was really surprising that the air was so clear that night. And then I saw snakes…

It was about 6pm Thursday, just the rush hour, which meant that there were cars on each and every road – from above all roads resembled snakes or whips lying on the ground, stretching from one patch of red light to another along their peculiar paths. Do you know that there were just a few straight roads, which I could see? Most of them were nicely curved, this emposed quite a mystic view on any spectator. Actually this was magnificent.

In my mind I have a special place for sights, which really impress me. Those are few in numbers, but I hope I will never forget them. This was one of those special images, that will be stuck there forever.

That is how Christmas holiday began in 2007, we’ll see, what it brings.


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